Recommended Rides
Welcome to east Tennessee, home to some of the best motorcycle destinations in the world. The Dragon Chapter possesses rider members of all skill levels, ages, and interests. In 2008, we hosted the Tennessee State HOG Rally which was headquartered at the Valley View Lodge in Townsend, Tennessee. Our members were tasked with sharing some of their 'personal favorite' rides so that rally attendees could enjoy the same rides as the 'locals'. Be aware that some of the rides in this section of our website provide turn-by-turn instructions that originate and end at the Valley View Lodge in Townsend, TN. So that you may orient yourselves, Townsend is about seventeen miles east of Smoky Mountain H-D (Maryville, TN.) on US Route 321.

As motorcycle riders, we all know that changes occur. Be aware that these rides are presented for informational purposes only. We can not predict or anticipate changes in road conditions, road closures, renaming, or renumbering of highways and roads. We urge all visitors to our area to obtain current up-to-date maps and use the information provided here as an overlay in preparing for your rides.

Ride Safely.

A Few Local Riding Tips
Welcome to east Tennessee. Please take a few moments to open this file and review a few tips on how to make your riding experience more enjoyable and safe. Thank you for visiting our 'home' and have fun! (Click on the [filename].pdf to open/print any)

The Dragon
Getting to The Dragon from Smoky Mountain H-D. Two routes listed. Ride one route going and the other for your return. Ride safe.

Twistin' The Day Away
Steering head greased and tight? Check. Tires and brakes? Check. Starting from SMH-D, let's ride the Foothills Pkwy, The Dragon, The Hellbender, and the Cherohala Skyway. Smile on face? Check.

Thunder Road
Travel the legandary route that has been documented in both songs and movies - Thunder Road. (Recommended 2-day ride)

Dragon's Breath
Scenic ride through the valley countryside covering three counties (NOT on The Dragon).

Dam! Dam! Dam! (And a museum.)
Visit 3 dams that are part of the vast TVA project which began in the 30's and 40's. Then, visit the Museum of Appalacia for some local culture. (An entrance fee is req'd for the museum.)

Bald River Falls
A scenic ride to Bald River Falls. The Dragon portion is optional and may be omitted by reversing the route and returning via the same route you came in on.

The Lost Sea
Ranked as the second largest underground lake in the world, this area attraction has some interesting history. This is a private attraction with an entrance fee.

The Devil's Triangle
Ride The Devil's Triangle. Another area challenge for experienced riders.

Quickie Two For One
East Tennessee is rich in Native American Indian history. Two nearby destinations are to be discovered on this short ride.

3 Pin Ride
Are you a dealership pin collector? SMH-D has three showroom locations. Visit all three and collect the pins.

Cheese Please
You don't need to be in Wisconsin to get great cheeze. A short, local ride for a nice afternoon destination.

Figure 8 Olympic Gold Medal Run
A very scenic ride to the Ocee River gorge. You can visit the venue for the '96 Olympics canoe/kayak slalom competition.
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